Group of explorers searching the lost Inca gold of the Llanganatis and Paititi

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Llanganatis – Ecuador

Explore the Llanganatis Ecuador where we search the Lost Inca Gold

We are planning to lead several expeditions to the region of the Llanganatis, in Ecuador. We’ll investigate the story of the Valerde’s Derrotero, search for the mummy of the emperor Atahualpa and the lost gold of the Incas. 16th Century, … Continue reading


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Book ‘The Search of Atahualpa’

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In 1952, the Inca Empire fell into the hands of Pizarro when he captures Atahualpa in Cajamarca, Peru. The young emperor would try to save his life by promising a large room filled with gold. Once half of the ransom delivered, Pizarro broke his bargain and the young Inca ruler was executed but a small group of loyal Incas was able to recover his body. The General Ruminahui, who was in charge of delivering the second part of the ransom, received the news, and then decided to hide both the mummy of the murdered king and the Inca gold into one of the least hospitable region of Ecuador: The LLanaganates.

In search of adventure, 33-year-old Benoit Duverneuil, web entrepreneur and armchair adventurer embarked in a journey that begans in the thin air of the Peruvian Andes and continued around the world for the 3 next years, until a final expedition in the cursed and hostile cloud forests of Ecuador.

Part history lesson, part technological thriller and part adrenaline rush, The Search of Athualpa is an intense adventure where passionate archaeologists, greedy treasure hunters, and lost explorers pave the way of one of the greatest riddle in History.

As globalization digest our world, this book pushes you over the edge, plunge you in the last remaining unexplored regions, and let you embrace the life of a modern Indiana Jones.


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  • In 2011, we return to Peru to investigate new clues about Paititi

    Peru Trip 2011

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